Wound Care

Whether you suffer a wound from trauma or a chronic condition such as diabetes, the podiatrists at Ankle & Foot Specialists of St. Louis provide healing care for foot wounds. We have the knowledge and experience to get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Because feet are extremities located relatively far from your heart, lack of blood circulation can become a problem with healing wounds. Sensations in the feet can become dull over time or as a symptom of a disease like diabetes.

Without proper care, foot wounds can progress to the point where amputation is your only option. Let our expert foot doctors help care for your wounds before it is too late.

If caught at an early stage, most wounds can be treated with medication, preventive measures like a tetanus shot, and thorough cleaning to promote healing. If a more conservative course of treatment is not possible, foot surgery may be recommended for a wound that does not heal properly.

Ankle & Foot Specialists of St. Louis will care for all of your foot and ankle needs at our three locations in Bridgeton, Des Peres and O’Fallon, Missouri. Call for an appointment today at (314) 739-8863, or request an appointment using our secure online form.