Foot & Ankle Surgery

Dr. Anthony Lombardo and Dr. Christina Hawthorne of Ankle & Foot Specialists of St. Louis are trained in the latest foot and ankle procedures. Whether your foot or ankle condition is mild or severe, rest assured that you will receive the best possible care.

Patients who have a scheduled procedure should download our post-op instructions. Following your doctor's recommendations will shorten recovery time and ensure you receive the best possible treatment outcome.

The types of foot and ankle surgeries we perform include:

Foot and ankle surgeries address a wide variety of foot problems, including:

Ankle Replacement

Total ankle replacement surgery, or ankle arthroplasty, can relieve severe pain and restore movement for conditions caused by arthritis, sports-related injuries, or chronic injuries. It has become the preferred alternative to joint fusion procedures and offers excellent outcomes for patients in severe pain and suffering from immobility. Contact Ankle & Foot Specialists of St. Louis today to find out if you could benefit from ankle replacement surgery.

What to Expect from Foot and Ankle Surgery

Many foot and ankle surgeries can be performed in the doctor's office or a surgical center on an outpatient basis. After surgery, you may be required to immobilize your foot with one or more protective devices such as bandages, splints, surgical shoes, casts, or open sandals. You will need to elevate and ice the foot, keeping it dry for the first two weeks following surgery until sutures are removed. You will also need to limit any weight-bearing activities as instructed by your doctor.

Following any surgical procedure, we will continue to monitor your progress and recommend follow-up treatment, such as physical therapy, orthotic devices, and special footwear, to help facilitate the healing and recovery process.

If you need a foot and ankle surgeon in St. Louis, trust in the experience of Dr. Lombardo and Dr. Hawthorne at Ankle & Foot Specialists of St. Louis. Call (314) 739-8863 today or request an appointment online at one of our three convenient locations.

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